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Description of the job:
Searching methodology:
Before any mission, U-Find needs to spend time in the company, meet HR and operational people, to gain a full understanding of the job vacancy, how it fits into the organization.

U-FIND can, according to the wishes of the firm to adapt its research process. U-Find performs researches in its own database and large network, and through classified ads on different supports. U-Find can also work through direct approach.

Presentation of the candidates:
Selection and Incorporation of the candidate:
U-Find meets with the candidates corresponding closely to the job description and evaluates their professional skills, motivation and ability to fulfill the position. A written evaluation of each applicant, enclosed with their resume is sent to the client before any presentation or meeting. On demand and with the candidate's agreement, U-Find can control professional references U-Find remains in close contact with both the client and the applicant during all the process and can help with the negociation. U-Find makes best efforts to guarantee the success through a constant follow up during the integration period.